Primmal Networks Inc.


新技術の動向のみならずパンデミックの影響、サプライチェーン寸断、はたまた米中関係をはじめとする国際関係や地政学的影響で市場予測は困難を極めます。市場は何を求め何処へ向かうのか、 そこに有力な技術は何か、市場が立ち上がるのは何時か等、技術的観点から市場を眺めて分析を行ないます。必ずや事業戦略立案に役立つものと確信します。

Market forecasting is extremely difficult not only due to trends in new technologies, but also due to the effects of pandemics, disruption of the supply chain, and international and geopolitical effects such as US-China relations. We will analyze the market from a technical point of view, such as what the market wants and where it is heading, what is the leading technology, and when the market will start up. We are confident that it will be useful for business strategy planning.

Consulting for Communication Market

通信、特に無線通信網は5G・Sub-6からミリ波、更に6Gへと進展し、基幹光通信網を含め拡大が見込まれます。しかし道は平坦ではありません。米中貿易摩擦やパンデミックを経験した世界では、 より複雑な方程式を解く必要に迫られます。技術開発の動向を念頭に過去の失敗に学び、且つ複雑化した国際関係がサプライチェーンへ与える影響を勘案する必要があります。ここから導き出される予測は、 今後の流れを解き明かすものとなります。
Communication, especially wireless communication networks, is expected to expand from 5G / Sub-6 to millimeter waves and then to 6G, including the backbone optical communication network. But the road is not flat. In a world that has experienced US-China trade conflicts and pandemics, we need to solve more complex equations. It is necessary to learn from past failures with technological development trends in mind, and to consider the impact of complex international relations on the supply-chain. The forecasts derived from this will reveal the future flow.

Consulting for Technology of Communication and IT Field

通信網は大量のデータを伝えるために高速化しています。GHz(ギガヘルツ)帯が目前に迫りTHz(テラヘルツ)帯も視野に発展しています。この通信を支える機器、更には部品や材料・素材にも高速化 への対応が求められています。市場ニーズや規模の予測を念頭に、機器・部品やその材料への要求や動向に関する予測は事業拡大に役立つものです。
Communication networks are accelerating to convey large amounts of data. The GHz (gigahertz) band is imminent, and the THz (terahertz) band is also developing into the field of view. The equipment that supports this communication, as well as parts, materials, and materials, are required to respond to high speeds. With market needs and scale forecasts in mind, forecasts of demands and trends for equipment / parts and their materials are useful for business expansion.