What's 5G? Vol.6. "5G is something like Doraemon" is the excellent catchphrase!

What can the 5th generation do and what will it bring us? The answer isn't really clear. 5G is characterized by high speed, large capacity, simultaneous multiple connections, and low latency, but what it can be used for depends on the user's usage, applications and services. Best of all, it's still operating on a sub-6 NSA network, so it's not enough to enjoy the benefits of 5G. In other words, I made the clay pipe thicker, and it's up to you to pour water, juice, or beer here. Telecommunications companies (carriers) can only thicken clay pipes. What you put here is up to you. Telecommunications companies are also collaborating with different industries and are looking for ways to utilize 5G networks, but it can be said that no powerful use has been found. At the extreme, when asked what the benefits of 5G are, it simply means that large amounts of data can be sent at high speed. Although 5G has high potential, it can be said that there is still no use for utilizing that potential.

There is a catch phrase called "5G is Doraemon" in Softbank commercials, but I feel that this is a really excellent catch phrase. Doraemon's pocket is a treasure trove of various tools that helps and entertains Nobita, but I think that 5G and Doraemon are layered as beings that "bring the tools of future dreams." However, it is not the case that Doraemon's tools are necessary for business and life, and most of them are, "It would be fun to have them, but ... we can live without it" Of course, there are tools that can make us millionaires if applied, such as "Dokodemo Door" that can make a lot of money if used for business and "Bai-bain" that mass-produces copy products at a small cost, but something like "childish trick". I think that the catch phrase of "5G is Doraemon" is excellent in the sense that 5G is also a tool that "it is be nice to have it, but it isn't a problem if it isn't there". I just hope that in the near future there will be a need for 5G. It has a high potential to generate demand.